Smooth driving alert: Brookhaven finishes $1 million road paving project in Farmingville


It’s shaping up to be a smoother winter for folks in Farmingville.

The Town of Brookhaven has completed a 22-road, $1 million paving project in Farmingville that included the replacement of damaged concrete curbing and more than 80 aprons, officials announced. The undertaking was part of the town’s effort to create safer environments for driving, bicycling and walking in the hamlet. 

“This was a large paving project that required a great deal of concrete improvements prior to paving,” Brookhaven Town Highway Superintendent Daniel P. Losquadro said. “Roadways in this neighborhood had deteriorated significantly over the years, and are now smoother and safer for residents, motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists.”

The pavement initiative impacted the following streets:

  • Avon Avenue
  • Biscayne Avenue
  • Cheshire Drive
  • Coed Lane
  • Cottage Drive
  • Courtney Drive
  • Cynthia Drive
  • Deera Lane
  • Devon Avenue
  • Faculty Court
  • Faculty Lane
  • Fairfax Drive
  • Fenwick Avenue
  • Gaines Drive
  • Glenn Avenue
  • Greenbrier Avenue
  • Gregory Court
  • Iris Avenue
  • Kimberly Avenue
  • Lovell Court
  • Space Avenue
  • Warren Court

“I want to thank the Highway Superintendent for making this project a priority in this year’s paving schedule,” and Brookhaven Councilman Kevin LaValle said. “Infrastructure projects are extremely important to our residents, and as a town board, we need to remain focused on funding infrastructure projects like this to continue improving the quality of life of our residents in the Town of Brookhaven.”

Top: Superintendent Losquadro (left) and Councilman LaValle on Space Avenue in Farmingville. Photo courtesy of the Town of Brookhaven’s Highway Department.