South Country principal loses locks, kisses pigs after students read 10,000 books


Earlier this school year, Verne W. Critz Elementary School principal Brian Ginty challenged his K-3 students in East Patchogue to read over 10,000 books, collectively.

But he had a hunch they needed a, ahem, motivational tool. (We don’t like to throw around the word “bribe” here.)

If they reached the milestone, Ginty promised he’d kiss two pigs from the Holtsville Wildlife & Ecology Center, as well as cut his trademark shoulder length hair, for a new “high and tight” look.

It took just 5 months for the kids to complete their goal.

Then they made their principal pucker up.

Ginty hosted a special assembly on March 6 in the school gym, where he met pigs Bert and Ernie, for their kisses. But he also had a date with a pair of scissors. (Check out these photos from South Country schools.)

A teacher from each grade level cut a piece of the principal’s hair before a hairdresser finished the job.

Top: Verne Critz principal Brian Ginty loses his locks for his new Marine-style haircut.

Brian Ginty makes good on his promise to kiss pigs after his students completed reading challenge.