South Shore Paddleboards closing down after nine years in Babylon Village


One of the largest and highly-recognized paddleboard shops on Long Island is saying goodbye to Babylon Village.

In a tearful video posted on social media, South Shore Paddleboards owner Karen Marvin announced that her store’s last day of operation will be Oct. 1.

“The past two years have been extremely difficult,” she said. “Thank you so much to my friends, my family, Babylon Village, thank you everybody for contributing to the success over the years … It is truly awesome and wonderful that I was able to do what I dreamed of doing, which was to own a store.”

Marvin lived by the phrase “Be happy, paddle on” and this mindset drove her business forward, even through difficult times. Her obstacles included a devastating fire that destroyed the shop in 2018, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the most recent economic downturn.

For nearly a decade, South Shore Paddleboards has taught hundreds of people how to paddleboard, and Marvin has sold thousands of paddleboards, she said.

Even Tina Fey has stopped in to buy a board.

Marvin endeavored to inspire others to try the sport, as it is not only relaxing and spiritually peaceful, but has “brought so much happiness” in her own life.

Whether an avid paddleboarder or a newbie buying their very first SUP, Marvin took pride in making each of her customers feel special by posting their purchases on her social media pages.

She expressed her gratitude for the friendships and paddleboarding community she built along the way.

Marvin said she will still sell products on her website:

She encouraged others to come down to her shop at 258 East Main Street in Babylon before she closes, so she can “share a hug” and thank everyone for their support.

“My love for the sport and my love for the store and community will never die,” Marvin said.

Watch the full closing announcement video below.

Top photo: South Shore Paddleboards. (Facebook)