Stony Brook University campus upgrades popular dining area


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Students at Stony Brook University have a new multi-concept dining hall on campus.

The university upgraded its Student Activities Center (SAC) to add more food options to the student body.

Formerly a merchandise and apparel store that sold everything from quick snacks to sweatshirts, the market has recently been transformed to provide healthier quick dining options and a more diverse menu.

Inside the new SAC Market, three food concepts have been added — Tea Café, Craft Salads and Bowls and a self-serve international food bar, along with grab-and-go sandwiches, snacks, soups and freshly baked pastries and sweets. 

The market is centrally located on campus, a convenient and popular dining spot among students and faculty.

“We want the campus community to join us at an amazing, fun space in the center of campus that offers variety and value for everyone,” said Van Sullivan, executive director of Stony Brook’s Faculty Student Association (FSA). “There’s a great craveability factor to the menu and we feel strongly that you deserve world-class foodservice options.”

Argo Tea will be offering a wide variety of beverages, including 12 different tea flavors including on tap, chai, matcha and bubble teas. They will also be offering unique “build your own” tea option where customers can choose a tea, flavor shot and type of milk. The tea spot will also introduce vegan muffins in flavors like green tea and lemon poppy seed.

At the Craft Salads and Bowls station, there are options to customize and build your own salads or choose from a curated menu of salads and grain bowls such as Santa Fe, Southern Fried Chicken or Mediterranean. Hot bowls include Spicy Chicken, Southern Mashed Potato Bowl or a Memphis BBQ Beef Brisket. 

Part of the reason the university decided on changing the store was to improve sustainability. According to university officials, the Stony Brook University campus community consumes more than 300,000 tea beverages per year. Argo Tea offers different sustainable options and practices that including compostable sporks and knives, along with bags, sleeves and cups that are made from 100 percent recycled material.

The new space will also have a water bottle refill. Station, compostable bowls at the salad station and ADA accessible seating.

“A major goal for the project was to design a space for our diverse campus community where students could enjoy a social and interactive dining experience offering a wide variety of cuisines and healthy dining options,” said Amanda Alicea, FSA business development manager.

A grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place on Friday, Feb 21, at 2 p.m.  

All photos courtesy of the Faculty Student Association