The results are in! Here are the Finalists in GLI’s Bartender Battle 2024


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The vote tallies have been certified and the Finalists determined in GLI’s Bartender Battle Long Island 2024.

The winners and final results are listed below, along with some notables.

The Final Two bartenders will now compete in a live cocktail-off this April at Lily’s in Babylon, with a date and time to be announced soon. The bartenders will be asked to create a Manhattan, margarita and an espresso vodka martini for judges who will determine who hoists the Golden Shaker for 2024.

But first, a glance back at last week’s Final Four bracket:

The winners


Ernie Liebow of George Martin defeated Kevin Mundy of Mr. Beery’s with 76% of the vote.


Nicolle Leitke of Tres Palms defeated Waylon Laird of Tommy’s Place with 69% of the vote.


  • Nicolle of Tres Palms in Babylon was the top vote-getter once again with 2,545 votes.
  • She was No. 1 in votes every week of the contest, which started with 16 bartenders and ran for three rounds.
  • Ernie, a 47-year industry veteran of George Martin The Original received 1,199 votes.

Congrats to Ernie and Nicolle!

Check back for all the details about this month’s Finals bash at Lily Flanagan’s

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