The Shed Restaurant in West Sayville is hiring — and opening soon


The Shed Restaurant — now just weeks away from opening in West Sayville — is hosting an open call this week for all kitchen positions.

Line cooks, prep cooks and dishwashers are invited to visit with Chef Roberto Baez on Monday and Tuesday (Sept. 30 and Oct. 1), from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the restaurant, located at 21 Main St.

“We are hiring now for all positions, and we’re especially searching for a talented and hardworking culinary team to work with Chef Bob as the heart and soul of what we do,” said Melissa Sorice, director of marketing and strategic initiatives for The Shed restaurant group, which includes Huntington’s popular all-day brunch eatery, The Shed.

Applicants can also apply here, Sorice said.

Renovations have been ongoing since the Bluestone Tavern ended its 16-year run inside the former mansion in July.

“We are so looking forward to opening in West Sayville,” Sorice said. “The beautification process [inside the restaurant] is creating the feeling we had hoped for,” Sorice said.

“The brightness, welcomeness and warmth of The Shed in Huntington has definitely been brought to Sayville, and we cannot wait to share the final product with everyone,” she added.

The Shed Restaurant in West Sayville will put out a menu featuring American-styled brunch, lunch and dinner items — every day of the week. And like the Huntington location, the bar will be a focal point, owners said.

Sorice said the community is highly anticipating the restaurant’s opening.

“The people of Sayville and the surrounding area have already been so amazing,” she said. “We have not even opened our doors yet, and so many locals have reached out to us on Instagram with such a warmth and welcomeness that it has made this whole process even more enjoyable for us.”

“I feel lucky that I get to interact with them all day, and cannot wait for them to have a chance to dine with us when we open,” Sorice added.

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Photo above: The bar at The Shed in Huntington.