These Long Island food spots are paying tribute to Tommy ‘Cutlets’


The “Tommy Cutlets” craze has touched down on Long Island.

New York Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito — an avowed aficionado of his mom’s chicken cutlets — is the newest hero at several Nassau and Suffolk sandwich shops and eateries that pay tribute to his rise from a benchwarmer to a boldface name who’s got Big Blue riding a three-game winning streak going into Sunday’s matchup against the New Orleans Saints. Check them out below.

Mercato Cucina


There’s the “Touch Down,” which is selling through the end of December at Mercato Cucina in Huntington Station, where fresh-baked semolina is stuffed with fresh chicken cutlets, a creamy vodka sauce, mozzarella and nut-free pesto.

“This sandwich is just flying out of the store,” reads a Mercato Cucina Instagram post that shows a gentleman in a Phil Simms No. 11 Jersey proudly clutching the DeVito-inspired delight.

Tres Palms


At Tres Palms in Babylon, the Sunday $20 “Tommy Cutlets” menu features two types of cutlets — Parmesan and Francaise — alongside pork chops Marsala and gnocchi Bolognese from 5 p.m. to closing.

Hometown Heroes


And at Hometown Heroes in West Islip, the passing pride of North Jersey has inspired “The DeVito” — a chicken cutlet sandwich on garlic bread topped with fresh mozzarella, pepperoni, salami and a house Italian dressing.

“We’re kind of known for our chicken cutlets, so we have the lady who’s our 80-year-old ‘nonna’ in the back making our cutlets,” said Jacque Baker, co-owner of the shop at 240 Higbie Lane. “I don’t know if it’s people excited by the name or the sandwich itself, but it’s definitely been a hit so far.”

ITA Kitchen


At ITA Kitchen’s locations, the DeVito Vodka Parm Stack has quickly become a fan favorite.

The lineman-sized dish doesn’t skimp on fried mozzarella, spicy vodka with penne, fried eggplant and, naturally, chicken cutlets.

(Note: This is not is not available at the East Moriches location, as per the Instagram post.)

Chubs BBH


And at Chubs BBH, a new DeVito-inspired sandwich will hit the menu Monday, owner Ryan Jones said. Its starting lineup includes fried cutlets, spicy vodka sauce, ravioli and fresh mozzarella on a garlic hero.

“A painful Jets fan making a Giants hero,” Jones cracked.

Rise of Tommy “Cutlets”

New York Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito (15) looks to throw the football during the NFL game against the Green Bay Packers, Monday, Dec. 11, 2023 in East Rutherford, N.J. (Kathryn Riley via AP)

“The Passing Paisan” of Cedar Grove, N.J., whose unlikely shot at stardom came after the two quarterbacks ahead of him were sidelined by injuries, famously revealed his fondness for chicken cutlets in a story about the undrafted rookie living with his parents in his childhood home.

The “Tommy Cutlets” nickname stuck.

“I don’t have to worry about laundry, what I’m eating for dinner, chicken cutlets and all that is waiting for me when I get there,” DeVito said. “My mom still makes my bed. Everything is handled for me.”

DeVito’s mom, Lexy, has jumped on board to hawk “Tommy Cutlets” T-shirts. His family threw a tailgate party draped with Italian flags in the MetLife Stadium parking lot — and dished out chicken cutlet sandwiches — before last week’s Monday Night Football win over the Green Bay Packers. 

The 25-year-old rookie isn’t shying away from the craze, either. He is scheduled for a Dec. 26 meet-and-greet at Hobby Box in Brooklyn and Jan. 2 meet-and-greet at Bogie’s Hoagies in Hawthorne, N.J. He cheerfully dished on his favorite Italian foods alongside the social-media star Cugine of “Meals By Cug.” 

You’ll never guess what topped the list.

“Of course, that’s No. 1,” DeVito said of the humble cutlet.

Long Island restaurant owners seem to realize that, too.

Even with an underwhelming 5-8 record and nearly out of playoff contention, the Giants have enjoyed some late-season sizzle thanks to their unlikely star — and apparent culinary influencer.

“One of our co-owners is a huge football fan and he really likes this kid,” said Baker, of Hometown Heroes. “We were really touched by his story and we wanted to be a part of it.”

GLI Sports Guys talk Tommy “Cutlets” — and more

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Top: New York Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito (15) runs onto the field prior to the start of the NFL game against the Green Bay Packers, Monday, Dec. 11, 2023 in East Rutherford, N.J. The Giants defeated the Packers 24-22. (Kathryn Riley via AP)

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