They’re fighting the heroin epidemic and helping families Sunday at 89 North



There will be six Long Island bands taking to the stage at 89 North Music Venue in Patchogue on Sunday for a heroin addiction and awareness event being organized to support surviving families.

To prepare for the big event, each band has learned an original song that was once recorded by Adam Nuszen, a musician and artist who died in November.

Adam Nuszen
Adam Nuszen

Nuszen, a 2001 Patchogue-Medford graduate, was one four young men who died within four months of one another due to heroin use. 

The surviving family members have since been leaning on one another for support.

“They all came together,” said Nuszen’s sister, Amy. “The moms all make these beads that are strung with inspirational words, like glimmers of hope.” Those beads will be on sale at Sunday’s event.

The organizing group has called itself Look Up for Adam.

Adam Nuszen was an astronomy enthusiasts, his sister explained. He enjoyed painting images of stars, planets and nebulae, and would often say that not enough people looked up in life.

“Adam used to say the most important thing to do is look up, and no one does it anymore,” she said.

The group has teamed up with Family Service League, which is establishing a support unit that will be named for Adam Nuszen to help counsel ailing families.

Proceeds from Sunday’s shows will go to the Family Service League.

Amy Nuszen said that ever since Look up for Adam was formed, more and more families have come forward in search of help after losing a loved one to heroin or opiate addiction.

“The list of the ones who we have lost is getting bigger and bigger,” she said.

The Look Up & Rock On event kicks off at 3 p.m. at 89 North and goes to 9 p.m. Tickets are $25 if purchased ahead of time online, or $30 at the door. Food and drink will be served. Cash bar.

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