Top 20 films produced by Patchogue’s Jack Giarraputo, Happy Madison founder



‘The Longest Yard’ (2005)
Worldwide earnings: $191 million

This fun remake of the 1974 classic is chock full of stars, professional wrestlers and former NFL standouts. Burt Reynolds, the star of the original, plays the coach of the prisoners’ football team.


‘The Waterboy’ (1998)
Worldwide earnings: $187 million

Slapstick at its rotten core best, this fun ride of a football flick stars Sandler in the title role, Henry Winkler as an opportunistic coach and the venerable Kathy Bates as an overprotective, alligator-eating mom from the Bayou.

Check out the hillarious Medulla Oblongata scene. “No, Colonel Sanders, you’re wrong!”


‘I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry’ (2007)
Worldwide earnings: $187 million

Sandler and Kevin James play New York City firefighters who wed in order to ensure one of their children can be covered by healthcare insurance. Jessica Biel plays the unknowing love interest of Sandler’s Chuck character.


‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop’ (2009)
Worldwide earnings: $183 million

Hypoglycemia lands Paul Blart on a Segway in the mall as a security guard, instead of on the road in a patrol car with the New Jersey State Police.


‘Mr. Deeds’ (2002)
Worldwide earnings: $171 million

Sandler’s performance earned him a Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actor.

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