Top 20 films produced by Patchogue’s Jack Giarraputo, Happy Madison founder



‘Zookeeper’ (2011)
Worldwide earnings: $170 million

Because how often do you get to see Nick Nolte play a Western lowland gorilla?


‘Jack and Jill’ (2011)
Worldwide earnings: $150 million

Sandler plays twins, Jack and Jill Sadelstein. The movie won Worst Picture and every other award at the 32nd annual Razzies — including Worst Actor and Worst Actress, which both went to Sandler. Nonetheless, the movie opened at No. 2 (with $26 million) at the box office for its opening weekend in North America.


‘Blended’ (2014)
Worldwide earnings: $128 million

Another romcom mashing together Sandler and Barrymore. Shaquille O’Neal is also part of the movie’s ensemble cast.


‘The Wedding Singer’ (1998)
Worldwide earnings: $123 million

This may be way down on the earnings list, but it’s probably much higher on many folks’ favorite Happy Madison movie lists. It ranks as one of Sandler’s best comedies.


‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2’ (2015)
Worldwide earnings: $107 million

Did we mention Kevin James is from Stony Brook?

Honorable Mention

‘Happy Gilmore’ (1996)

Happy Madison productions wasn’t quite established when this classic starring Sandler rolled into theaters, but Giarraputo was already in the mix, making a cameo appearance as a golf announcer and having a hand in some key scriptwriting. The infamous “Bitch” line uttered by Bob Barker after he famously beat up Sandler’s Happy character on the golf course was written in at the very last minute by Giarraputo.

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