Update: Plans for new restaurant in Brightwaters Commons fall through


Update: Plans for a new restaurant at the newly renovated Brightwaters Commons has fallen through momentarily, village officials informed GreaterBayShore this week.

The developers are now looking for a new tenant to apply ahead of next month’s zoning board of appeals meeting in Brightwaters.

This is an ongoing story and will be updated when a new tenant is coming.

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After six years of vacancy, a restaurant will be taking over 348 North Windsor Ave. in the new Brightwaters Commons.

A zoning board of appeals hearing is scheduled for Oct. 28 at 7:30 p.m. over Zoom where the name of the proposed restaurant will be announced.

The Brightwaters Commons, located at 344 and 348 North Windsor Ave., underwent a complete makeover, and after over a year of construction, the strip of stores now includes a tower and vestibule with a weathervane, as well as a new siding, roofing, and pillars.

348 North Windsor Ave. was previously home to Brightwaters Hardware and has undergone a modernized renovation.

This includes utility upgrades such as electric, gas, water, and grease traps, to meet the new restaurant tenant’s needs. 

Teresa Alessandro, real estate broker and project coordinator, said a restaurant is just what Brightwaters needs as the village continues to develop and grow.

“With what’s happening with the times, I think a restaurant is the ultimate use and the best use for space because… we’ll always need a place to patronize and eat,” Alessandro said. “I think a restaurant would be a great staple to the village.”

Alessandro said the sidewalks are freshly paved and completed, and an individual parking analysis is being conducted to confirm the parking situation in the village is “ample and able” for the tenant.

She said the village requires proof of an additional 11 spaces in order for the space to become a restaurant.

This restaurant will be joining recently announced new tenant South Shore Cigar Club, which is set to open this fall.

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Below are updated photos of the interior of 348 North Windsor Ave. and the exterior of the Brightwaters Commons space.

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