Video: Sachem youngsters play ‘dominoes’ with 1,000 cereal boxes


It was certainly an ambitious project: Lining up 1,013 donated cereal boxes and hoping they’d all knock down domino-style, in one shot.

Captured on video this week in the hallways and cafeteria of Sachem’s Grundy Avenue Elementary School, the feat went off without a hitch.

Students had collected the boxes to distribute to several local nonprofits that have programs focused on helping feed those in need.

But before sending the boxes off, students, staff and teachers lined them up through the hallways and into the cafeteria, where they formed the letter “G” (for Grundy).

Check out the video below.

The boxes collapsed as planned, finishing in the cafeteria. The goal was to symbolize the chain reaction effect of kindness and helping others.

Students sat in the hallways and gathered in the cafeteria, excitedly cheering as the boxes toppled in succession. They blissfully celebrating once the last cereal box had fallen inside the cafeteria.

The food was donated to Lighthouse Mission, the pantry at St. John’s in Holbrook, the Sayville Soup kitchen and the Calvary Chapel Island of Grace food pantry.

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