‘Voice’ winner and LI native Carter Rubin serenades Miller Place dance studio


Carter Rubin, the 15-year-old singer from Shoreham, won the 19th season of NBC’s “The Voice,” thanks to people like Marge Marchand.

The Coram resident and owner of Marchand’s School of Dance in Miller Place made it a point to remind her classes weekly to get their votes in for the locally grown performer.

Their efforts paid off with Carter being crowned topped performer of the show last month.

And once Carter got wind of this studio’s support along his journey, he knew he wanted to reciprocate.

That’s what prompted the budding star to stop by the dance studio earlier this month for an impromptu performance and Q&A with the students.

“When you sang ‘Rainbow Connection,’ it was so uplifting during such rough times,” Marchand told Carter during his visit.

Carter gave the school his blessing to use his rendition of that song for their upcoming recital.

“It was such an honor to be here today,” Carter said. ” I really appreciate everything, thank you so much.”