William Floyd celebrates its mid-year graduates in Mastic Beach


The Floyd Academy recently celebrated the first members of the Class of 2021 with a mid-year curbside graduation ceremony in front of the school.

Administrators handed diplomas to 20 graduates, many of whom overcame tremendous adversity to complete high school. The milestone is typically celebrated with a luncheon for the graduates and their families, but the pandemic forced the William Floyd School District to limit the event to a curbside affair.

“We are incredibly proud of our graduates who worked so hard to earn their diplomas,” Floyd Academy Principal John DeBenedetto said. “They recognized the importance of a high school diploma, and, despite incredibly challenging circumstances, put their noses to the grindstone to get it done.”

Floyd Academy student celebrates graduation with principal

The graduates completed their schooling at Floyd Academy, an alternative education program established in 2016 that helps students succeed in a non-traditional school setting.

Among the graduates hardships were the untimely passing of family members, homelessness, a house fire and anxiety. Many of the mid-year graduates plan to attend either college or a trade school, while some are enlisting in the armed forces or entering the workforce.

“Each student’s journey was different – some climbed over obstacles and others scaled mountains – but they all got to the finish line,” DeBenedetto said. “Their futures are bright and I look forward to all that is in store for them.”

The following students received their diplomas during the special ceremony: Jasiya Brewer, Walter Brown, Mark Burks Jr., Stanley Cadet, Makayla Doran, Estefani Espana, Jeremiah Giraud, Tynae Hankins, Nisiah Jones, Anastasia Kite, Alexia Koukouras, Jelani McKay, Erik Neff, Anthony Nicholson, Sabrina Passaretti, Kiana Pope, Alysissa Reid, Dylan Rendon, Brileeana Rosario and Akrira Terry.

Check out some photos from the event, provides by the William Floyd  School District. Be sure to click on buttons 2 and 3 to see all of the photos.

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