William Floyd distributes 20k+ ‘grab and go’ meals to students


The William Floyd School District distributed more than 20,400 “Grab & Go” school meals containing breakfast and lunch this week to students in the community to help during school closures due to the coronavirus crisis. 

On Wednesday, the district began delivering the meals at their regular bus stops throughout the community and at three pickup locations. Those locations are the William Floyd High School south parking lot near the tennis courts, the Mastic Firehouse at 1080 Mastic Road, and the Mastic Beach Property Owners Association at 31 Neighborhood Road.

Here’s how it broke down, according to the district:

  • Wednesday: 2,120 students Breakfast & Lunch = 4,240 Meals
  • Thursday:       2,825 Students Breakfast & Lunch = 5,650 Meals
  • Friday:            3,398 Students Breakfast & Lunch = 6,796 Meals

The school also handed out 750 bagged meals per day throughout the week at each of the three “Grab & Go” pick-up sites, for a total of 3,750.

Bus delivery and pick-up total: 20,436

And Island Harvest also delivered six pallets of perishables this week – milk, fruit, vegetables, etc. Those were available at the Grab & Go.

The district said the services will continue on weekday mornings throughout this crisis. Please see below for details.

“We hope that this meal delivery will help take some stress off of our families during this difficult time,” Kevin Coster, superintendent of schools, said in a statement earlier this week. “We will continue to do all that we can to be there for the community.”

Bus stop meal delivery to the community is made possible through William Floyd’s partnership with Aramark Food Services and First Student Transportation, the district’s food and large bus transportation service providers, respectively.

Credit: William Floyd School District

How to get meals at bus stops 

  • Students and/or families should go to their regular bus stop to receive meal deliveries. (Younger students should be accompanied by an adult).
  • Please account for approximately 3-5 minutes for each stop; bus drivers will wait a few minutes at each location to give time for families to come out.
  • Bus stops are listed in order in the link below and you can estimate the approximate time of delivery by counting the stops and multiplying by three.
  • Deliveries will begin at 10 am with the first stop listed at the top of each individual Bus List (Bus 1, Bus 2, Bus 3, etc.) Again, allow approximately 3-5 minutes for each stop (estimated). So, if your stop is Bus 1 in your catchment zone, then you should be at the stop at 10 am. If your stop is the 10th spot, then give at least 30 minutes before heading to the stop (but keep looking out the window just in case!)
  • Please remember to practice social distancing at each bus stop with others who may be waiting for bus delivery.