X-Golf sports bar in Commack attracts golfers of all ages with simulation technology


The golf simulation franchise, X-Golf, opened its first New York location this summer, and the business takes indoor golf to a whole new level.

Located in Commack’s Veterans Memorial Center at 108 Veterans Memorial Highway Suite A, the facility takes over a former, 11,050-square-foot space that was once home to a Babies”R”Us store and sits between the businesses, Harbor Freight and Five Below.

A golfer himself, owner Geoffrey Schwartz launched XGolf as a way to feed the birdie bug during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’ve always loved golf, but the summer of 2020 was the COVID summer, and there was really nothing else to do,” Schwartz said. “My wife and I had joined a country club, and we played a lot of golf. When the season was wrapping up, I needed to do something more.”

He considered setting up a golf simulator in his house at some point, he said, but scratched that idea. Then he looked into the booming golf business and did a deep dive into the simulator market.

Virtual reality meets sports bar 

Golf simulators allow players to practice golf indoors in a virtual-reality golfing environment, which on Long Island is ideal when the weather interferes with tee time.

“X-Golf was looking for franchisees. They had no one in New York, and I thought I have to give this a shot,” Schwartz said. “When I first saw this space, I knew it was the right spot for us.”

Schwartz said he put together the conceptional design for X-Golf Commack himself, which has an industrial feel and country-club vibe without “the elitism,” Schwartz said.

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Owner Geoffrey Schwarz showing off his golf skills.

The space features nine simulation stations that are approximately 16 feet wide by 25 feet deep. In front of the players is a projection screen where they can swing real golf balls at and in a virtual, real-world course of their choice.

This includes approximately 50 golf courses, tournaments, and more.

Players can rent a simulation bay by the hour, with prices landing between $55-75, based on off-peak and peak times.

In the center of the room stands a full bar that serves beer, wine, liquor and an array of bar food, such as their signature large pretzel, pizzas and wings. 

For larger parties, guests upstairs can find a lounge with comfortable chairs and a conference room for networking events, birthday parties and private functions.

How the simulation technology works

Utilizing technology developed by South Korea’s RD-Tek, the X-Golf franchise offers the most comprehensive indoor tracking system that takes real-time measurements of every swing. 

This includes a professional-grade software and hardware package comprising cameras, impact sensors and infrared lasers working together to calculate the ball’s distance, speed, direction, spin and more. 

Players can track their progress at an analytical level and see their performance improve. 

With the push of a button, Schwartz said, the system will also pop a ball on a tee for each swing.

“The technology is incredible, everything you can do on a golf course with extreme accuracy and it does it in a way that is fun and easy to use,” the owner said. “The courses are fun to play, we have an auto-tee system, so you’re not chasing the ball around the simulator.”

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An indoor country club catered to all 

Whether you are an avid golfer, have never picked up a golf club, or trying to improve your personal game, X-Golf creates a fun, supportive environment for golfers no matter their expertise. 

Ken Hoever, X-Golf Commack’s assistant general manager, said that compared to Schwartz, he rarely played golf before X-Golf’s opening. Furthermore, he comes from a bowling background. 

However, the more he got to practice through X-Golf’s system, the more appreciation he felt for the sport. 

“I’m falling more in love with golf since I started working here,” Hoever said. 

Schwartz said his golf game has improved “significantly” since launching X-Golf Commack.

The game may be digitized, but Schwartz wants the atmosphere to have the personal touch of a real golf course. 

To achieve this, Phil Barnhart, a PGA professional and the general manager of X-Golf Commack, oversees players of all skill levels and provides lessons.

X-Golf also offers league play for those looking to compete in regional and national tournaments.

“I grew up in this town, I’ve lived here my whole life, and I feel like [Commack] has never had something like this,” said Jill DiVito, owner of the Iconogram Group. “It’s something that we needed.”

Schwartz added that X-Golf Commack has already been the chosen venue for a variety of special occasions, such as birthday parties, corporate events, and even a baby shower.

“The feedback has been really, really good,” Schwartz added. “We can have up to 200 people here for an event.”

The franchise currently operates 60 X-Golf locations, with three more planned for New York in Westbury, Westchester and Williamsburg. 

X-Golf Commack is open seven days a week: Monday through Thursday, from 9 a.m.-9 p.m.; Friday to Saturday, from 9 a.m.-11 p.m.; and Sunday, 9 a.m.-8 p.m.

For more information or to book a tee time, visit their website here.

Top: Owner Geoffrey Schwatz inside X-Golf Commack.