20 Photos: Long Island Game Farm staying open during the winter for first time


This winter, Long Islanders can take a walk with wallabies or feed deer in Bambiland.

The Long Island Game Farm in Manorville is open during the cold months for the first time in its 51-year history. People of all ages can visit each Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. throughout the winter, weather permitting.

Stacy Lambui, a “jack of all trades” who visits animals, manages staff and tends to the ticket booth at Melinda Novak’s game farm, said motivation for the winter adventure was partially trying to catch up from the pandemic’s negative impact on revenue during 2020.

Like most live attractions and entertainment, COVID-19 stunted the Long Island Game Farm’s revenue.

“We normally open in April, but when COVID hit, we didn’t open ’til July” Lambui said. “This will offset that.”

Throughout the November weekends, she said a few hundred people stopped by for family fun with furry friends.

“We want to give people a chance to see the animals that are still here,” Lambui said. “You can still play with the goats in the nursery, we have our deer in Bambiland that you can go in and feed. So why not let people enjoy it?”

Admission throughout the winter season is 25% off regular prices. Prices range from $14.25 for children ages 3 to 12 to $18.75 for people aged 13 to 62. Tickets for seniors and military personnel are $16.45. Toddlers can visit for free.

Admission includes access to the petting zoo, the nursery, the Bambiland deer park and the wild play park.

It also includes a walk with the wallabies, held every Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Guests are invited into the wallaby enclosure to see them up close, snap a picture and even pet them — as long as the wallabies allow it.

The Long Island Game Farm, located at 489 Chapman Blvd., will remain open until heavy snowfall begins, at which point Lambui said the animals must be moved.

“She’s gonna try (to be open) the whole winter, but it’s weather depending,” Lambui said of Novak. “If January is snowy, then we have to move the animals. But as long as the weather is like this, we’ll be open.”

GreaterMoriches visited the Long Island Game Farm to meet the animal residents. Please scroll through the photos below, and be sure to click on the numbered boxes to see them all.

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