Brand-new recording studio ‘House of Sound’ opens in East Patchogue


A trio from South Country was busy at work this fall and winter building a high-tech and fully soundproof recording studio in East Patchogue called House of Sound.

Brothers Christopher Lomuto, 27, and Nicholas Lomuto, 37, of East Patchogue drew on decades of construction experience in the family to pull off the feat.

The work involved jacking up the floors to “free float” the walls to negate vibration, using mineral rock insulation, and covering every inch of the place with mass loaded vinyl.

Then there was the soundproof putty for every screw and nail.

“Everything in this place was built to not only be soundproof, but fireproof,” said Christopher Lomuto.

House of Sound opened this January at 699 South Country Road in the brothers’ former barbershop location, Razor’s Edge, which has since moved next door.

The musical mastermind behind the operation is the brothers’ friend, Michael Cushion Jr., 29, of Bellport, who had already built up a mixing and mastering business over the past 8 years from his home.

Mike’s Mix & Master LLC has worked with artists in over 150 countries, mostly through the internet.

Artists will send music to Cushion, who then mixes and polishes the track(s).

The hope now is to become a premier resource for Long Island and regional artists, whether those artists are established, up-and-coming, or still fledgling.

“Right now it’s been younger people but we’re going for a more mature clientele,” said Cushion, emphasizing the studio will be working with all genres.

“We want people who are serious,” added Christopher, “Not just people who are sitting in their house dreaming of being rap artists. We’ll do that too. But after you record in here … it will be ready for radio, just like any Jay-Z song. It’s that type of quality.”

Both noted they hope to be a resource for underprivileged young people from the immediate Bellport area to experiment with their creativity in the studio, and maybe gain a little confidence.

“We want to do our part to help people,” said Cushion.

The studio itself is modern in style and tone, and punctuated with purple lighting.

There’s a lobby and reception area, a control room with a recording booth, a second control room and booth that will serve a multi-purpose and rehearsal function, and an office.

“The equipment is the latest in audio technology, and it’s all up to date,” said Cushion. “But we’re also able to give the client that old school sound — if that’s what they’re going for.”

“This is something refreshing and brand new,” he continued, “which I honestly think we’re the first on Long Island.”

“We did this in five months,” said Chris, giving much credit to his father.

“This took, literally, blood and sweat from all of us,” said Cushion. “I got the scars to prove it.”

Now it’s time to make some music.

Visit the House of Sound website to see a list of services.

Top: Nicholas Lomuto, Michael Cushion Jr., and Christopher Lomuto in one of two recording booths at House of Sound in East Patchogue last week.

Michael Cushion Jr., Nicholas Lomuto, and Christopher Lomuto outside House of Sound located on South Country Road just west of Dunton Avenue in East Patchogue.