10 Photos: It was pond hockey day on West Lake in Patchogue


Nearly three dozen skaters took to West Lake on Monday for annual day of pond hockey — a Patchogue tradition that goes back decades.

The event takes place each year, as long as the ice is solid, and the date ranges depending on weather conditions.

“When favorable conditions exist, especially on a weekend, we get a good turnout,” said Steve Langenbach, who’s lived in a house on the lake for 31 years and helps facilitate the games, which are run tournament style.

“We have been known to shovel snow for hours to construct a hockey-game sized rink,” he said.

Langenbach couldn’t say for sure how many years these big hockey days have been happening.

But, he said, they were going on before he moved to the lake.

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U-19 Lady Islander

Coach Tim Duggan


Glen Todzia:Tim Duggan

Onesie on the move

Scott Glover

West Lake , Patch



Glenn Togzia