A look at Pita Bowl, now open in Lindenhurst


Greek cuisine has officially arrived in downtown Lindenhurst.

Earlier this month, Pita Bowl opened at 280A North Wellwood Avenue.

As previously reported, the restaurant is run by longtime Lindenhurst resident Rea Leunes with her husband, Steve, and son, Dean. Rea also owns C’est La Vie, a woman’s clothing store in the village

The family, who has deep Greek roots, offers a build-your-own concept at their restaurant.

Costumers can create their own gyros, salads, and rice bowls by choosing different types of proteins, sides, and toppings. There are also suggested choices for the less creative.

The Leunes family says their “Pita Bowl” dish has been a hit so far — it’s chicken souvlaki served over brown rice with lettuce, tomato, onion, greek pico, pita sauce.

The Pita Bowl dish

“People really like our chicken souvlaki,” Rea told GreaterBabylon last week.

Also, people have been enjoying the tzatziki sauce.

“We’re so happy people love the sauce; it’s a family recipe,” said Rea, smiling.

To see the full menu, click here.

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