Argyle Toys debuts in Babylon Village this month


Three moms are keeping the magical experience of shopping in a toy store alive with their new shop coming soon to Babylon Village.

Madeline Lunz, Teresa Striker and Amber McCullough announced Friday that Argyle Toys will officially open its doors at 10 Grove Place on June 19. The location last served the short-lived Surf Donuts shop.

Argyle Toys, originally an online-only company, focuses on finding and selling non-battery-operated toys based on age range, interest and affordability.

With unique backgrounds and children ranging in age and needs, they told GreaterBabylon, it became important to create a physical space that features affordable, high-quality toys that teach, stimulate, and entertain and provide access to specialty toys that will as our children grow.

Keep an eye out for a sneak peek of Argyle Toys and the full story coming soon.

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Top: Toy selections sold by Argyle Toys.