Barstool lands in Bay Shore and raves about The Hero Joint’s chopped cheese

The Hero Joint Barstool

Barstool Sports paid an unexpected visit to the new Hero Joint in Bay Shore.

And food reviewer Glenny Balls, host of Boozin’ Burgers, left happy as hell devouring a Johnny’s Chopped Cheese on West Main Street.

“That’s really f—ing good,” he declared after just one bite. “That’s really, really good.”

Calling the chopped cheese a cousin of the burger, he clocked it in at 4.1 Balls.

“It’s a damn good chopped cheese,” he said. “No way around it.”

The segment was shot in October.

Glenny Balls reviewed several Long Island spots in the fall. Check out his Instagram to view them all.

Photo: Boozin’ Burger Hero Joint episode screen shot.