Ben Stiller rumored to direct film about a notorious crooked ex-cop from East Islip


A corrupt ex-NYPD officer who infamously ran a drug ring out of Long Island might be the center of a new Ben Stiller film. 

According to, Stiller is in talks to direct a crime film based on the 2014 documentary, “The Seven Five,” which focuses on Michael Dowd and a group of dirty cops in the 1980s stealing money, selling drugs, and becoming one of the biggest police corruption scandal in history. 

Dowd, a now 60-year-old East Islip resident, made headlines in 1992 when he was arrested for several crimes such as conniving with drug traffickers to distribute cocaine, warning drug dealers about upcoming police raids, and pocketing thousands of dollars. 

Stiller has directing creds for the “Zoolander” films, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” “Tropic Thunder,” and several others. He won a Directors Guild of America award for outstanding directing for the crime drama,
“Escape at Dannemora.”

Industry experts say Stiller is working on a draft for the film with Tony McNamara, writer of “The Favourite.”

Casting has not officially started yet, but the article states actors Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Nicholas Hoult may be in line to play Dowd. 

more on Michael Dowd

In 1994, Dowd was sentenced to 14 years in prison and served 13 years. 

Today, he works as an ethics consultant for the NYPD and speaks about police corruption at schools, universities, Wall Street firms, podcasts, television programs, and other engagements.

Below is the trailer for the 2014 documentary “The Seven Five.”

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