Kismet Coffee Co. opens in Bay Shore, with plans for expansion


Kismet Coffee Company’s second outpost is now operating in Bay Shore.

The coffee shop, run by Bay Shore local Jackson Davis, opened in November at 17 E. Main Street, the former home of Roto Grocery. Don’t worry, Roto Grocery fans; they are working on a new location in Bay Shore (stay tuned for updates).

The first location, situated in Kismet on Fire Island, was founded in 2022.

Bay Shore’s Kismet Coffee Co. is connected to Fire Island Vines, a winery and tasting room that’s open in the evenings. The two companies will share seating, so you can enjoy a coffee and work there. Yes, Wi-Fi is available.

“Our approach to coffee is much different than what’s typical on Long Island,” Davis recently told “We treat coffee as a premium product, akin to wine or craft beer. We take a lot of pride in training our baristas, elevating what a cup of coffee can be.”

Kismet Coffee Co. offers a small drink and food menu to maintain consistency and excellence. Some of the drinks include espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, and Americanos. There’s also a Rocket Fuel Latte, a non-alcoholic cold brew version inspired by the iconic Fire Island summer beverage.

They serve a rotating menu of single-origin coffee from different countries, roasted by various roasters. For food, Kismet Coffee Company serves up a small lineup of breakfast items and pastries.

And they got big plans for the future.

Davis confirmed to GLI that a third location is in the works. He plans to open his next spot in Ocean Beach — his second on Fire Island — this summer. Check back later with Greater Long Island for more details.


Free coffee

If you’re into free coffee, Kismet Coffee Co. has a deal for you. All day on March 8, the coffee shop will be giving away free cups of coffee to any patron who orders a drink with oat milk in it.

How it all started

Iced coffee from Kismet Coffee Co. (Credit: Instagram)

While living in Bay Shore now, Davis is originally from Westchester.

So, why did a Westchester native, who didn’t even like coffee growing up, decide to launch this company? Well, you can thank the global pandemic.

“When everyone was quarantined and picking up different hobbies to do at home, I started brewing and roasting my own coffee,” said Davis. “That’s when I realized coffee could be so much more than that burnt, unpleasant, bitter taste; it could be fruity, flavorful and delicate.”

Although Davis grew up in Westchester, Kismet felt like his second home, the place he spent most of his summers as a kid. “My mother grew up in Brightwaters, and all my cousins went to Bay Shore High School,” Davis explained, highlighting his familiarity with the area.

Like many others, Davis spent more time on Fire Island during the pandemic and noticed the absence of a great coffee shop. He introduced his idea at The Kismet Market with a small espresso machine and later moved to share the Pizza Shack of Kismet, conveniently located near the ferry.

That’s when things took off.

“There wasn’t a place to get a good cup of coffee. I thought I could bring it to my community,” he said. “Before I knew it, people were biking and walking from different parts of the island to try our coffee.”

Top: Kismet Coffee Co. founder Jackson Davis (left) with baristas Emma Sanwald (middle) and Giuseppe Tini (right) at their Bay Shore location. (GLI Photo/Nicholas Esposito)

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