Where you can grab yourself a ridiculous milkshake on Long Island

by Krista Stucchio |

It went from just another malt shop option to a work of art and Instagram icon — and some Long Island restaurants are really shaking things up.

Whether you’re looking for a serious sugar rush or just a photo to crack 100 “likes,” these five spots are crafting milkshakes that will bring all the foodies (and non-foodies) to the yard.

One is even infusing them with alcohol!

Dang BBQ

174 Islip Ave, Islip

Dang BBQ was opened by Anthony Mastrantonio and his daughter, Taryn Sheehan, in July and the staff is taking their shakes as seriously as their smoked grub. 

So after you dive into their BBQ, make that very grownup decision of which milkshake to wash it all down with.

Each shake is treated as if it’s an objet d’art. The crew often rotates who is making the shakes because it’s so much fun, and the person behind each shake is what makes it so special.

These shakes are so over the top that people are “left with their mouths open and their eyes wide,” she says.

The Candy Shop was the first shake created for Dang BBQ.

It’s a strawberry, raspberry, vanilla or cherry based shake with sprinkles on the inside and cotton candy on the outside. Then there’s the rainbow cookie on top, along with a swirly lollipop and whatever candy they’ve got in house.

Do not give this one to your kids before bedtime, no matter how hard they plead, stomp, or hold their breathe.

S’mores is a toasted marshmallow based milkshake with graham cracker crust on the bottom. Not sold yet? This thing is also glazed with chocolate frosting and topped with whipped cream, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips and graham cracker crumble. Camping gear not included.

The King really pushes the envelope. This shake is peanut butter, banana and chocolate based and decorated with chocolate frosting, peanut butter and chocolate drizzle on the inside. Whipped cream and bacon bits go on top, along with an entire stick of bacon.

Breakfast is served!

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