Cricket’s in Sayville closed its doors for the last time this weekend


Cricket’s, an institution on Sayville’s Main Street for decades, closed this weekend.

But not before a heartfelt send off from many of the restaurant’s loyal customers.

Peter Moreno, the owner of the iconic restaurant is retiring and the restaurant’s final day in operation was Saturday, Sept. 25. And while many customers are happy for Moreno and his family, they’re also heartbroken about losing what many refer to as Sayville’s version of “Cheers.”

As news spread in town, customers by the dozens and dozens flooded into the restaurant and jumped on to Cricket’s Facebook page on Friday to wish Marino luck and to thank Moreno, his family and staff for all of the wonderful memories and great food and drink.

“Thank you Peter! I grew up going to crickets (sic) with my grandparents, my parents and later with my own children,” Tina Christiansen posted. “When (we) moved from sayville (sic) 4 years we always made a point when we’re back in town to have dinner at crickets. (sic) It was place to go! It is end of era! Crickets was our small town Cheers! Enjoy the next chapter of your life!!”

Heading into the dinner hours on Friday, Cricket’s posted a sign on Facebook that read: “We are overwhelmed and understaffed. Expect long waiting times. Thank you for understanding.”

Claudia Carpenter replied in the comments section: “Enjoy your retirement, Pete and Cookie. Sayville is forever better because of all you’ve done for our community.”

What customers seemed to lament most about Cricket’s closure was imagining downtown Sayville without the friendly welcoming atmosphere afforded by Cricket’s, a Sayville mainstay for over 35 years..

“Thank you so much Pete for your many many years of service,” Pat Bryson Laskowitz commented on Facebook. “We are truly truly going to miss Cricket’s. We will miss your friendly face greeting us every time we were there. Have a wonderful retirement.”

Regulars clamored to squeeze in their final Cricket’s meals this week.

“We enjoyed our final lunch today and we will treasure many memories shared with family & friends at Crickets. Best wishes to all and Happy Retirement Peter,” Mary O’Connell Dolan said on Facebook.

Barbara Flanagan Camilleri noted, “This is sad news! Crickets is one of my favorite bar restaurants ;(. Where will I ever get a delicious lobster roll ;(. Peter enjoy your retirement!”

Above photo: Google Maps