Dolphins at play in Long Island waters: stunning underwater video


An underwater photographer submerged off the coast of Long Island this week was treated to a breathtaking spectacle as he captured the sights and sounds of a pod of six dolphins.

Charlie Nutting shared the moving images with the world today, posting the video on his Instagram page. Nutting added soft piano music to heighten the emotional impact of seeing the graceful dance of the sleek bottlenose dolphins and hearing their enchanting whistles.

The result was an underwater symphony that has resonated with viewers and already accumulated hundreds of likes. Check out Nutting’s video below.

“Sound on for this one. No tricks w/ sound effects, just actual chatter from a pod of dolphins off New York. And a song. You hear them before you see them, if you see them at all,” Nutting wrote in his Instagram post, confirming in a comment that he recorded the video in Long Island waters. “There is nothing else like it, and seeing them on their home turf, on their terms, could not be any further from cruise ship style ‘pet a trained dolphin while wearing a life jacket’ tourism.”

Nutting counts more than 24,000 followers on Instagram. And we suspect his fanbase will go grow once word gets around about his dolphins video.

One viewer intimated that she was moved to tears by the 24-second clip he posted on Instagram.

“Omg make me cry why don’t you Charles,” Instagram account holder @kiiazii commented.

You can click here to check out more of Nutting’s work at his website or you can visit his Instagram @charnut963 to see his other work.

Dolphins are more commonly scene in Long Island waters during the warmer months. They are highly social animals and often travel, hunt, and play together in pods, which can vary in size from just a few individuals to several dozen or more, depending on the species and circumstances.

Top image: Video still of dolphins (Source: Instagram).