Duchess Cookies to begin serving its gooey creations soon in Islip


Duchess Cookies‘ signature 5-ounce stuffed cookies are coming soon to Islip’s Main Street.

Starting this Saturday at 2 p.m., the ovens at 488 Main Street will heat up Duchess classics like the Cookie Monster and the Galaxy. There’s also a variety of the company’s new creations like the Brookie, a chocolate chip and chocolate cookie intertwined and stuffed with brownie batter, and the Big Sexy, a Nutella-infused red velvet and dark chocolate cookie.

“We’re hoping to get the whole town here,” said Maulik Patel, who owns and operates the upcoming sweet shop alongside his childhood friend and brother-in-law, Sagar Patel.

Patel said his sweet tooth led the duo to get involved in the cookie business. The two opened the Patchogue Duchess Cookies this past May.

“The summer is picking up in general in Patchogue right now so I think that’s helping us out,” Patel said of his first location’s success.

Patel said community engagement also spelled success in Patchogue. “We’re able to do some baking for the Patchogue-Medford prom,” he said. “It was cool to give back to the community.”

The 29-year-old businessman said he hopes to get involved with the schools and hospitals in the Islip area, and added that his shops offer a front-line worker discount.

The Islip shop marks the seventh Duchess Cookies in New York, and the sixteenth tri-state location to offer founder Sofia Demetriou’s gooey cookie creations. Its size and interior design are akin to that of the Patchogue sugar spot.

Patel said the shop will carry more than 20 flavors in total, and Demetriou said she hopes to unveil some new flavors company-wide this August.

Following its grand opening, Duchess Cookies in Islip will be open Sunday through Thursday from noon to 8 p.m., and Friday and Saturday noon to 11 p.m..

“We’re only as good as the community supports us, and we’ve been supported really well in Patchogue,” Patel said. “And we expect to get the same support in Islip as well.”

Top: Variety of cookies from Duchess (credit: Facebook).