Family legacy inspires new name of Delfiore Pizzeria in Patchogue


If you’ve strolled down Main Street in Patchogue, you’ve likely noticed that Delfiore Pizza & Food Co. now has a new name.

Here’s the story behind this change:

In 2019, Joe Italiano became the proprietor of the popular pizzeria located at 75 E. Main St. After operating the Italian restaurant for four years, he decided to change its name in tribute to his family.

His son, Jayce Joseph, recently celebrated his first birthday, and Joe wanted to commemorate the life of his late father, Marc, who passed away just before he took over the restaurant.

So, this summer, he decided to change the restaurant’s name to his own last name: Italiano Pizza & Food Co.

“Once I saw the name up, I was shocked and very emotional,” said Joe. He also confirmed that nothing changed in the kitchen or the restaurant’s interior. “I wanted to keep everything the same, looks-wise.”

Having grown up in a Sicilian household, Joe cherished the memories of his father frequently cooking in the kitchen. “He always cooked dinner at home. He was very involved with food.”

Joe’s favorite dish, made by his dad, was hot sausage with mushrooms, onions, garlic, and oil served over rigatoni pasta.

He mentioned that his father, who worked in construction, always dreamed of opening his own restaurant or pizzeria, but he never had the opportunity.

This is Joe’s way of fulfilling that dream on his behalf.

“When he passed, I said this is my calling to do it,” said Joe.

Though Joe admitted that there have been both highs and lows, he’s happy with his decision.

“It’s a lot of work, but it’s great,” Joe said in a phone interview. “The village and its people are awesome — we have a great clientele.”

Top: Joe Italiano (left) with his father Marc. (Courtesy photo)

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