Floyd Spanish class sends heartfelt letters to Patchogue hospital’s frontline workers


Students in a freshman Spanish class at William Floyd High School lifted the spirits of healthcare workers at Long Island Community Hospital (LICH) this week with heartfelt “Thank you” letters crafted in English and Spanish.

“I asked my students if they wanted to write letters to the doctors and nurses on the frontline, and they all rushed at the opportunity,” William Floyd Spanish teacher Kaitlin Riccio said, in her own letter to the frontline employees at LICH. “This was probably the quickest assignment they completed during our remote learning!”

Riccio compiled a book of the letters and sent it along to LICH, where — to say the least — it was well received.

“Thank you to Kaitlin Riccio and her fabulous William Floyd High School Spanish classes for such wonderful messages of appreciation & support for our frontline heroes!” LICH said in Facebook shoutout to the considerate freshmen.

Riccio noted in her letter that the work of nurses, doctors and other care providers at LICH “is nothing short of heroic.”

“We are lucky to have courageous medical workers like you that are willing to risk their lives to try and stop the spread of the coronavirus and keep it under control,” wrote student Amerie Samura, before shifting to Spanish, “no se rinda. Espero que usted y su familia se mantengan seguro durante este tiempo.”

Below is Amerie’s letter in full.

Here are letters from some of the other William Floyd students:

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