Frontier Airlines flights from MacArthur Airport to Raleigh-Durham resume this fall


Travelers looking for more options to fly to North Carolina can look forward to the addition of non-stop, cheap flights from Long Island this November.

On Nov. 6, Frontier Airlines will resume its service from MacArthur Aiport to Raleigh-Durham.

Back in April, the Town of Islip and MacArthur Airport celebrated the announcement that Frontier Airlines will now offer travel to Raleigh-Durham from the Ronkonkoma-based airport. It’s a region in North Carolina that has become a popular tourist destination.

The area is known as The Research Triangle of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, and it’s home to prestigious universities. It’s also a hub of various industries, including energy, pharmaceutical, tech banking and bio-tech.

Raleigh-Durham is also involved in the craft brew scene and has plenty of activities for travelers, such as outdoor festivals, arts and crafts fairs, live music, historic revitalized lodging and boutique hotels.

“We are excited to launch this new service from Islip to Raleigh-Durham, and bring our affordable fares and friendly service to both of these outstanding destinations,” Michael Corcoran, senior analyst at Frontier Airlines, said back in April. “Our unbundled approach to pricing enables consumers to only pay for those things that are important to them and underlies our ‘Low Fares Done Right’ philosophy.”

To check out fares and book a flight, Frontier Airlines customers can click here to see what the airline offers from Long Island.

Top: Frontier Airlines aircraft. (MacArthur Airport’s Facebook page)