Girl, 13, arrested for Threat of Mass Harm at E. Northport Middle School, police


Suffolk Police arrested a 13-year-old East Northport student on Monday for allegedly making threats of mass harm to several students, police said.

It’s the second arrest involving a 13-year-old and threats of mass harm at the East Northport Middle School this year.

In the more recent case, the student was arrested at East Northport Middle School and charged with Threat of Mass Harm — a Class B Misdemeanor — after Crime Section officers investigated threats the girl reportedly made to students at the school, located at 1075 5th Ave., cops said. There were no weapons found.

The teen was arrested about 3 p.m. and taken to Suffolk Police’s Second Precinct before she was released to her parents.

It is unclear if this case is related to the January case involving a 13-year-old student at the same middle school. That student was accused and arrested for posting a threat on social media, police said.

At the time, Second Squad detectives arrested the girl and determined there was no credible threat, police said.

News 12 reported that the school district said in a message to parents that the January threat was made on Snapchat.

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