Glenn’s Donuts of Glenn Wayne fame gets mobbed on opening day in Selden


It took three months to transform an old Cricket Wireless space in Selden into the Island’s first Glenn’s Donuts.

But it took only a few hours to clear the shelves of 600 boxes of doughnuts shipped over fresh from Glenn Wayne Bakery in Bohemia for the grand opening.

Indeed, there was a line outside Glenn’s Donuts before the 8 a.m. opening today at 203 Independence Plaza, located off Route 25.

“We’re about to run out by 1 or 2 o’clock,” said a very busy owner, Glenn Alessi, whose generous promotion of a free box of doughnuts with a purchase only accelerated matters.

The doughnut-loving public flocked to 203 Independence Plaza Monday for the opening of Glenn’s Donuts. (Credit: Nick Esposito)

The beauty of the operation is this, however: The doughnuts come direct from Glenn Wayne Bakery, which Alessi owns and operates with his brother-in-law, Wayne Stelz.

So they’re never too far away.

The two men founded Glenn Wayne Bakery some 34 years ago in a small space in Bohemia. They soon expanded and eventually built a massive wholesale operation in a 40,000-square-foot factory at 1800 Arctic Ave., also the company’s headquarters.

The focus there is on producing baked goods in large quantities for distribution to various businesses. This includes restaurants, cafés, delis, convenience stores and catering services across Long Island and the greater New York area.

To sum up Glenn Wayne’s popularity: If you’ve sunk your teeth into a 7-Eleven doughnut, you’ve had a Glenn Wayne doughnut.

Then, some 15 years ago, they started selling doughnuts and other baked goods to the general public after carving out a corner space in the factory for an outlet store. That proved to be a massive hit.

“It’s the only bakery I know of that could get rid of everything in the cases every single day,” Alessi said. “Every single morning at 3, 4, 5, 6 a.m. we’re loading those cases with fresh product.”

But Glenn’s Donuts marks the first foray into an off-site retail location.

Joining Alessi in the Selden operation is his wife Tonya and daughters, Paige and Rikki.

“We picked a busy area, saw this little store and thought the building was nice, and with Home Depot and Target here and a busy road,” he said.

But the key component, he said, is being within a half hour of the Glenn Wayne Bakery.

“I figured we could make the same fresh doughnuts, put them in a box warm, basically, and get them right over.”

And he’s not ruling out opening more Glenn’s Donuts shops, if this proves to be a success.

“It’ll just have to be within a half hour, but in the other direction,” he said.

Then he had to go order more doughnuts.

Top: Rikki, Glenn, Tonya and Paige Alessi of Shoreham at their new Glenn’s Donuts shop in Selden. (Nick Esposito)

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