Great Beer: A gateway brew into L.I.’s craft beer world



Yeah, it’s the end of July but guess what? Summer ain’t over. With warm spells stretching into late September, it’s still not a bad idea to grab that perfect, summer beer!

Normally, I’m an IPA guy. I love the bracing bitterness of hops and somewhat elevated alcohol load. But say it’s sweltering out, you’re tending a fiery grill and self-immolation isn’t on your agenda. Or maybe you’re playing shortstop and your team needs you to be (somewhat) sharp. You’ll need something that will give you staying power and won’t konk you out before you even finish your chicken wings.

That’s when you want something like Greenport Harbor Brewing Company’s Summer Ale.

At 5.3% ABV it clocks in at about the same weight class as the ubiquitous and (dare I say?) pedestrian Budweiser.  But, with much more flavor. It pours pale and golden and smells a little lagerish, which should appeal to Bud drinkers and act as an excellent gateway to the wonderful world of craft beer.

The hops, an ingredient often blamed for imparting a perceived bite or bitterness are minimal and the beer has a slightly slick and almost buttery finish. There is nothing over-the-top about this beer, which is one of the reasons it’s immensely quaffable.

It would go well with sticky, sweet ribs, grilled sweet corn, shrimp salad or a fried oyster po’ boy sandwich. I would not have it (preferentially) with a dry-aged steak, duck à l’Orange or anything heavy or complicated.  But anything you would eat during these languid months would work. It’s that versatile.

This beer would be perfect at a Ducks game, BBQ, picnic or fishing. Better yet, enjoy it straight from the source and sip it while playing cornhole at Greenport Harbor’s Peconic location.

It’s widely available Island-wide so blast Don Henley’s The Boys of Summer and grab a six (or more) at your local beer distributor. As of July 23, also available on tap at Public House 49, PeraBell Food Bar and the Tap Room, all in downtown Patchogue.

Take a gulp and see if it doesn’t make hope your game to goes to extra innings.