Great Beer: An India Pale Ale you’ll remember



I am an unabashed hop-head.

I love hops and all the sticky, funky, citrusy (and sometimes bitter flavor) they impart to a beer. Unsurprisingly, my go-to drink is a nice India Pale Ale (or IPA). Better yet, a double IPA! Better still, a triple IPA which normally boasts higher levels of resinous gooeyness as well as a larger alcohol payload.

But sometimes it’s the wrong time to dance with the Devil and you need a nice, solid little IPA to go with your afternoon drinking. Lord knows I do!  That’s when you reach for Great South Bay Brewery’s Massive IPA.

It’s loaded with hops that will satisfy the jonesin’ of even the most demanding member of the Fraternal Order of Humulus lupus and yet also politely offers a slightly malty finish, which I’ve come to expect from “East Coast style” IPAs. 

The beer initially presents with a strong citrus nose of lemon and maybe pink grapefruit. It’s bright and clean and actually finishes with something akin to what I can only describe as tangerine. Again, not the unbalanced hop bombs made famous by our brothers our west but incredibly tasty and highly drinkable.

Massive IPA paired very well with Balls of Fire and spicy marinara sauce from That Meetball Place.  The sharpness of the hops provided a nice counterbalance to the heat of the meatballs and sauce and had just enough sharpness to cut through some of the fatty goodness of the dish. 

At 6.8% ABV, it’s a bit more than your average Bud or Bud Light but it still shouldn’t be big enough to knock you on your ass.  Pair with Thai, grilled burgers with caramelized onion, blackened catfish.  This beer will go well with anything else equally powerful in flavor. 

Currently in bottles at That Meetball Place, you can find Massive (and other tasty, tasty brews from Great South Bay Brewery) at most supermarkets and beer distributors.