Hit an NFL parlay at Lily’s in Babylon and win free food and drinks

Lilys Football Parlay Deals in Babylon.

Lily’s in Babylon is kicking off this football season with some big deals for NFL fans looking to eat, drink and enjoy their Sundays with buddies.

And they’re doing so by making things … interesting.

If you’re looking to stick around for the duration of the 1 p.m. or 4 p.m. games, you might get to leave the newly updated pub and restaurant at 345 Deer Park Ave. without ever paying a dime.

That’s right, just fill out one of two forms and if you pick four NFL winners (with the spread) that Sunday, your entire tab will be on Lily’s. If you can pick three winners, just pay half your bill.

Diners will have their choice of choosing the 3-game option, which is easier to hit, or the 4. If you’re curious, the odds of hitting all four games are 11 to 1, or 6 to 1 for three.

Choose any three or four day games. Tabs will be paid for the entire bill, whether it’s one person alone at the bar, or six people watching in the dining room. Only one ticket played per bill.

Lily’s will also be offering drink and wing specials all season long, and giving away raffle prizes every Sunday around 8 p.m., after the later games end, but you have to be on the premises to win.

Part of Lily Flanagan’s Restaurant Group, Lily’s is located just north of the LIRR tracks in Babylon.