Huntington’s Matthew Coronato gets picked 13th overall in NHL entry draft


Reportedly a lifelong Islanders fan and Huntington native, Matthew Coronato was picked 13th overall in the 2020 National Hockey League entry draft by the Calgary Flames.

The right-hander, described as “a bulldog” by the SportsNet broadcast, was picked July 23.

He scored 48 goals in the 2020-21 season to lead the USHL, the country’s top junior ice hockey league, with another nine goals in the playoffs, also good for the league-wide lead.

Coronato stands at 5’10 and weighs 183 pounds. He’s committed to playing at Harvard next season.

According to Newsday, he’s among the highest players ever picked from Long Island.

“His hands form the foundation of his offensive profile,” reads a scouting report on “He wants to have the puck on his stick and isn’t afraid to court contact to make sure he’s the one driving the bus for his line. He’s decisive, manipulative, and dextrous as a handler.

“He’s got a good shot for someone who is constantly throwing pucks on net, his release is fast and he’s versatile in how he gets pucks off.”

Calgary Flames press photo

Check out this Coronato highlight reel: