Jamesport’s The Dimon Estate re-opens for its second season


All aboard.

The newly renovated Dimon Estate in Jamesport has officially re-opened for the season, featuring stunning renovations that reflect a modern, nautical vibe with a nod to years’ past. 

Formerly The Jamesport Manor, The Dimon Estate renovated its bar, lounge, garden and upstairs seating room, while returning to the roots of the Dimon family, who spent more than four generations on Long Island.

The Dimons started as farmers, and eventually turned to ship building, creating some of the world’s fastest clipper ships. The ships — The Rainbow and The Sea Witch — were known for their innovative designs and record-breaking speed. Now, Chef Chris Kar is incorporating the spirit of the ships – and The Dimon Family – into his dining room menu at The Dimon Estate, which is located at 370 Manor Lane.

“We want to continue to focus on the storied history on Long Island’s North Fork, but just like the cutting-edge design of the clipper ships, our mission is to showcase elevated, exquisite food that will also bring people back to the roots of what makes the area special,” Kar said.  

Part of this mission, Kar added, is using the bounty of the property’s orchard and newly created heirloom garden to offer diners an even deeper connection to the area. The garden features more than 160 tomato plants, 80 squash plants and 60 pepper plants, among other varieties of crops. Apples will be crushed to make cider; tomatoes will be served on the menu in season and saved for sauce; and squash will be utilized in everything from crudités to soups.

Kar has also created dining experiences that will weave the estate’s history into the plates coming out of the kitchen. First up is “The Journey of the Sea Witch,” which debuts on May 4. Named for the ship, the special menu will offer a variety of pan-Asian fusion dishes, reflecting the journey the ship made across the world.

New menus will be rolled out across the year, each featuring a connection to Long Island’s past and future.