Late night dessert shop Munchies is coming to Patchogue’s Main Street


This 24-year-old former shot girl and bartender is bringing something new to downtown Patchogue’s late night scene.

And it doesn’t revolve around alcohol — well, not directly.

Savannah Schwack, a Manorville native, is bringing Munchies to the village. It’s a dessert shop, and she plans on staying open as late as area bars and restaurants.

It will open around noon for the brunch crowd and will stay open as late as 3 a.m. on weekends for when the bars close. (Note: this is her goal for when late night dining restrictions are lifted.)

At Munchies, which will be filling the old Platinum Day Spa at 50 West Main Street, there will be warm homemade cookies, doughnuts, ice cream sundaes and tacos, and more tasty treats.

“We’re going to try and bring every dessert that’s not in town,” she said.

This includes options for four-legged friends, with treats and ice cream made for pets.

So where did this idea come from?

While studying biology at Post University in Waterbury, Conn., Schwack would often find herself at this local cookie shop at 1 or 2 a.m.

It was the perfect little treat after a night on the town, she said.

“I remember waiting on two-hour lines, but it was worth it.”

When she returned from college, she landed a job working behind the bar at Dublin Deck Tiki Bar and Grill.

This is where she got her motivation.

“I’ve been around so many awesome people (that run the restaurant), they inspired me to be a business owner,” said Schwack. “Why would I want to work for someone when you truly see happiness is working for yourself and helping other people become who they can?”

One of her biggest inspirations is MacKenzie Miller, a manager at the Deck.

“She makes you want to be a better person,” said Schwack.

Schwack had worked with Miller for the last five years. Miller quickly took notice of Schwack’s skills.

“She is an incredibly hard-working woman who is always eager to learn more,” said Miller. “She is someone who is not afraid to jump and take a chance.”

Schwack is looking to launch her venture sometime this spring.

“Growing up, I always wanted to do what I love, and being my own boss is it,” she said.

Check back at for Munchies’ opening date.

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