Let’s hit the slopes … in Huntington? Remembering Hi Point Ski Club

Top: A photo pulled from the March 12, 1972 edition of the Sunday Daily News (above, click to enlarge).

If the old station wagon wasn’t about to make it to Vermont, Long Islanders in Suffolk and Nassau had the option for skiing a bit closer to home, in Huntington.

That was until the fun ended sometime in the mid-1980s.

The area is now dotted with condos.

There was no T-bar lift at the 110-foot slope, unlike with the Bald Hill Ski Bowl in Farmingville. In Huntington, two tow ropes did the trick for tiring yourself out for the day.

But you might risk a rotator cuff tear.

There was snowmaking at Hi Point, beginner and “advanced” trails, according to reader Richard de la Sota, a Huntington High School graduate.

One undated ad (below) bragged of “12 of the latest design snowmaking machines,” night skiing (flood lights), ski rental equipment available, a snack bar and expert lessons for children and adults.

“High point blew away Bald Hill. We had better snow-making and [a] steeper trail!” David Sacks wrote in a conversation on Huntington History, Long Island, New York, a Facebook group.

“My aunt took me 1978,” said Scott Jay. “Really fun as a child to ski after school.”

According to this article, the ski slope opened sometime prior to 1960. It was located off Dix Hills Road, just north of Jericho Turnpike near the water tower.

“Hours of great fun!” said reader Tracey Walsh.

Alas, the memories shared weren’t entirely rosy to all who skied there.

“I graduated from Huntington High in 1964,” said Renée Blaker, now of Doylestown, Pa. “When I was a teenager my mother decided I should take ski lessons … I remember the slopes were icy and I was the oldest in a group of much younger children. Needless to say I never skied again. Thanks for the memories however!”

“The Hi Point rope tow which started at waist level, then went down to your feet, then holding on for dear life as it went way over your head, added Randy Lavery, also a Huntington High grad.

“Yeah, good times. And people wonder why I don’t ski anymore.”