Long Island’s Michael Carbonaro filling in for Penn & Teller in Vegas


Perhaps they’ll be saying “Abra-Carbonaro” in Las Vegas this spring. What with celebrity magician Michael Carbonaro taking over the stage of Rio Las Vegas‘ Penn & Teller Theater.

The Oakdale entertainer is set to fill in for six weeks, while the world famous magic duo Penn & Teller goes abroad to perform on tour in Europe.

Carbonaro, 46, got his feet wet at the Caeser’s owned casino and resort last year, teaming up with Penn Jillette for shows over the holidays in November and December, while Raymond Teller recovered from heart surgery. The Connetquot product’s solo shows at Rio start May 25 and go through July 2, with tickets going on sale Friday, Feb. 3.

A performing magician since since his early teenage years on Long Island, Carbonaro will have big shoes to fill in Vegas. Penn & Teller debuted at the Rio in 2001 and are the longest-running headliners to play at the same casino resort in Las Vegas history.

Judging from the exuberance he expressed in announcing the high-profile gig, Carbonaro is up for the challenge. Check out his Facebook post below.

The ‘Magic Clerk’ on ‘The Tonight Show’

Carbonaro made a name for himself from 2003-2014 as a magician/prankster with his “Magic Clerk” segments on “The Tonight Show,” in which he poses as a store clerk and stuns customers with his magic, as hidden cameras record the tomfoolery. In 2014, he parlayed that gig into his own show on TruTv, “The Carbonaro Effect,” in which he basically performs the same type of trickery. The show was a hit and lasted five seasons.

Magic and acting

In addition to his work as a stage entertainer and magician, Carbonaro has worked as an actor, appearing in several movies and a dozen television programs, including “Wizards of Waverly Place,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “CSI: Miami,” “iCarly,” and “The Newsroom.”

Carbonaro has been wowing audiences since his early days of performing magic on Long Island, garnering media coverage as an early teen.

Top photo: Facebook/Michael Carbonaro