McDonald’s proposed for former Burger King spot in Blue Point


Plans are underway to bring McDonald’s to Blue Point.

Representatives for the fast-food giant appeared before the Brookhaven Town Planning Board on Feb. 5 to apply for the construction of the Golden Arches at 32 Montauk Highway.

The proposed McDonald’s would replace a Burger King location that closed in October. The Blue Point Burger King, which operated for 40 years, was known for its Hollywood kitsch and 1950s vibe, featuring a booth designed to resemble a ’57 Chevy.

According to the proposed site plans, the 2,934-square-foot former Burger King establishment would be demolished. In its place, McDonald’s plans to construct a 4,308-square-foot restaurant, complete with a side-by-side drive-thru capable of accommodating 23 cars, as outlined in the plans. Additionally, the parking lot would feature 35 parking spaces.

For the complete application, tap here.

The Planning Board unanimously voted to include this matter on its decision calendar. Stay tuned for further updates.

For those missing The King, the nearest locations from Blue Point:

  • 246 Medford Avenue, Patchogue
  • 500 Waverly Avenue, Patchogue
  • 5141 Sunrise Highway, Bohemia

Top: McDonald’s signage. (Credit: Unsplash/iStrfry , Marcus)

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