Moriches community pours its heart out for bull on the run, raises $1,500 for his future home


Dozens of locals have donated to a fund that has raised more than $1,500 for the animal sanctuary and rescue outfit that has promised to provide a forever home to the bull on the run in the Moriches area.

Lisa Jaeger, a wildlife rehabilitator and founder and CEO of Jaeger’s Run Animal Rescue Inc. in Port Jefferson, started the fund last night on Facebook, following a daylong search for the bull, who escaped a Moriches slaughterhouse on the very day he was set to be sacrificed as part of a religious ceremony.

“This young bull ran for his life,” Jaeger said in her post. “Please donate to this animal sanctuary.”

The sanctuary, Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in New Jersey, has agreed and has been given permission from the animal’s owner, to take in the bull, once he is safely corralled.

Jaeger is part of a group of animal rescue teams on the scene today in the Moriches area, looking for the bull. She said late last night that team members located the bull in a wooded area and that “we think we can corral him and get him subdued” today. The search re-convened this morning.

The bull has been on the loose since at least 8:20 a.m. on Tuesday, when it was seen trotting down neighborhood streets in Mastic.

“I saw the story earlier and was afraid if they caught him they would still kill him, I hope he is found and taken to a place he can live his life in peace. and Yes I will donate,” Facebook user Linda Connors posted in the comments section of Jaeger’s fundraiser post.

Above photo provided by Suffolk County Police.