‘Namaste’ or ‘cheers’? Beer yoga strikes a pose at The Wharf in Oakdale on July 10


Don’t worry — she’s not going to ask you to take a sip in every pose.

But yoga teacher Fran Zdanio will have her yogis swigging often enough during her beer yoga class at The Wharf in Oakdale on Saturday, July 10, that they’ll finish their beverage by the end of the session — and probably be thirsty for more.

Which is a good thing, considering that The Wharf will host an open bar for an hour for everyone who takes the 10:30 a.m. class on the patio, by the bay.

“Not every single posture requires you to have a drink in your hand,” said Zdanio, 26, of West Babylon. “But I do incorporate taking enough sips of the drink that by the end of the class, there’s nothing left in the glass.”

Zdanio spent six weeks in Bali in 2018, learning how to teach yoga and earning her yoga teaching certification through The Peaceful Warriors group.

Back home, she soon gravitated to teaching a beer yoga class. For a couple of years now — albeit interrupted by the pandemic — Zdanio has led her special Flow with Fran at bachelorette parties out east and at events in such local watering holes as The Local in Babylon Village.

This particular gig in Oakdale came about from her connection with Lily Flanagan’s, which runs a food truck at The Wharf. Zdanio is a server at the Oakdale Brew House, which has the same owner as the Lily Flanagan’s restaurants.

“It’s a class that’s meant to make people laugh and be silly and have fun,” said Zdanio, who is also a photographer. “These are my favorite types of classes to teach. The energy is just so inviting. It’s just a fun space. It’s so rewarding — just talking about it now is making me smile.”

Here’s how the class will work

Zdanio asks that the beer yogis bring a yoga mat and show up at the waterside tavern 15 to 20 minutes before the start of class at 10:30 a.m. Participants will have their choice of tap beer, sangria or mimosa to fill their glass.

That glass will be incorporated into the session on the outdoor patio. For instance, during the standing Warrior II posture, Zdanio may ask her yogis to bring their glasses closer to their bodies before tilting their heads back and taking a swig.

Zdanio said the $60 fee — which includes the class, the glass, breakfast and an hourlong open bar — can be paid ahead of time via Venmo (message her Instagram account for details) or at the door Saturday morning.

Originally, the class was limited to 60 people, but because there’s so much room on The Wharf patio, Zdanio said “we’re not going to tell anybody ‘No.'” She will find a way to squeeze everyone in, she said.

“I’m expecting a good mix of people who already do yoga and people who haven’t done yoga before; couples and singles; and women who come with their moms …” Zdanio said. “It’s a fun space with no judgement.”

Courtesy photos.