Watch: FIOS1’s Restaurant Hunter stops by The Local in Babylon


The Local in Babylon and its wide variety of sandwiches caught the attention of FIOS1’s Restaurant Hunter with Rob Petrone.

In a segment released this week, Petrone visits the eatery that opened over the summer at 7 Depot Place. There, he tastes several items on the menu.

Among the food tried was The Local’s popular fried chicken sandwich.

“There is a lot of love that is infused … ,” chef Christopher Weiss pointed out to Petrone.

Weiss went on to describe the multistep process in making the chicken sandwich.

First, he marinates his chicken for a few days in a buttermilk marinade. Then he breads the chicken in a secret flower blend, which has 12 spices.

“Given the Colonel a run for his money,” joked Petrone.

“That’s it, man, that’s the idea,” Weiss responded.

After that, he fries the chicken and adds his bun and toppings.

And, of course, The Local finishes the sandwich with its own special sauce.

“It’s a mayo-based sauce; its kind of sweet, tangy, with a little bit of spice at the end,” said Weiss.

Petrone then takes a bite. His response says it all.

“That is a dirty bird,” he said, “That is good, man.”

In the 8-minute, 39-second segment, Petrone also tries Bahn Mi sandwich and a cheeseburger.

Watch the full segment here. Top: A screen shot from the FiOS1 segment.