Nappi’s Nook opens in Nesconset, serving breakfast and lunch


A longtime Nesconset hot spot for breakfast and lunch has completed its latest transformation, and is back open for business.

“This used to be the Corner Cafe,” Jason Nappi, one of the partners of the new Nappi’s Nook, said. “Before that, it was JT’s Corner Cafe and before that it was Jan’s Boutique Cafe. It’s always been a breakfast and lunch place, and we wanted to keep that motif because it’s different.”

Jason Nappi and his brother Stephen Nappi are the latest to run an eatery at 204 Smithtown Blvd. in Nesconset, thanks to additional support from their father, Aniell Nappi.

Stephen Nappi and his wife Denise Nappi ran Nick and Gina’s in Selden for 12 years before closing shop in 2019. When Jason Nappi’s wife Jeanne Nappi noticed the Nesconset vacancy, the brothers jumped at the opportunity.

“When we sold the pizzeria restaurant, we decided if we ever get back into [the restaurant business], it would be a breakfast and lunch place,” said Stephen Nappi, who has worked in the industry for three decades. “It’s a better life, you have nights off, which is nice.

“This is a whole family event, my brother, myself, my wife, my sister-in-law, our children,” he added. “It’s a nice family establishment, and we’re hoping to bring excitement into this neighborhood.”

A likely hit with the trendy brunch crowd

With a cursive “Nappi’s Nook” adorning an ivy backdrop, a renovated bar top and a sleek interior design, its clear the new restaurant aims to be the the hot new brunch spot on the block.

“It’s not your ordinary diner-type breakfast menu,” Stephen Nappi said. “We wanted to go a little more upscale, so we went with some different items. We went with short rib grilled cheese (and) short rib benedict. We use Mike’s hot honey in a couple items to kick things up, get some different flavors.”

The breakfast and brunch menus are rounded out with various omelets and pancake stacks, as well as the chicken dance — the eatery’s chicken and waffles with sausage gravy and a maple drizzle.

On the lunch side, Nappi’s Nook offers sandwiches and flatbreads; fried chicken; honey barbecue, cheddar, bacon and ranch on Texas toast; and the sweet Gatsby, chicken salad filled with cranberries and walnuts, and served with lettuce and tomato on multigrain bread.

Of course, no brunch is complete without mimosas.

“We [have] mimosas, bellinis and Bloody Marys., we’ll also have Bailey’s in the Nappiccinos, we’ll have amaretto’s,” Jason said. “We’ll have all different cordials, and beer and wine during lunch.”

The Nappiccinos — a play on cappuccinos — come as flavorful as the breakfast orders cooked up in the kitchen. For example, the chocolate-covered strawberry Nappiccino practically mirrors the Nutt-e stack of buttermilk pancakes topped with Nutella, strawberries and a dollop of chocolate whipped cream.

“We would love the younger brunch crowd,” Jason Nappi said. “We have all different drinks we’re going to be doing. We’ll have the brunch crowd here, eventually we’ll have music here. We’re going for a newer vibe.”