New Peruvian restaurant Picchu now open in Selden


Harry and Christina Caldera have turned their love of Peruvian food into their own new Selden restaurant.

“We travel all over New York for Peruvian,” Harry Caldera said. “I live in the community, and we don’t have one around here.”

Caldera owns a lighting company based in Centereach, and his work lands him in many restaurants. The experiences in the kitchens and dining rooms sparked an interest in opening his own eatery.

Last month, he and his wife opened Picchu, a nod to the historical site in a Peru national park the Andes Mountains.

The restaurant joined Shah’s Halal and Mia’s Ice Cream Kitchen, among other eating options at 1245 Middle Country Road. It’s right next door to Legends Barber Shop.

To ensure authenticity, Harry Caldera said he and his wife hired two Peruvian chefs, who whip up a variety of seafood dishes in the kitchen. Among the most popular are various ceviches marinated in fresh lime, served with red onions, corn and sweet potatoes. There’s also the jalea, fried seafood with yucca, completed with marinated onions and cancha in a criolla sauce.

The kitchen offers no shortage of chicken plates. Picchu offers various breaded and grilled dishes, and rotisserie chickens even have their own oven in the kitchen.

The restaurant also cooks up lomo saltado — one of Harry Caldera’s favorites — stir fried beef, red peppers, onions and tomatoes in soy sauce accompanied by French fries or white rice. He said the tallarines verde, or spaghetti in a pesto sauce, is Christina Caldera’s favorite.

Behind the bar, the restaurant carries red and white sangria. Picchu’s signature blackberry flavored Picchu Margarita is a favorite from its cocktail menu, featuring fresh blackberry swirling amongst a hint of lime juice.

“I love everything about it,” Harry Caldera said of Peruvian cuisine. “I just love how the plate comes out very colorful, beauty, the flavors.”

Scroll down for some photos of Picchu. But beware if you’re hungry.