Off Key Tikki announces pending sale; owner plans to retire


Off Key Tikki owner Michael Bruemmer is saying goodbye to Long Islanders.

That’s because the Patchogue restaurant owner is planning on retiring and moving South, he told

He’s throwing a final goodbye party Sunday as one last hurrah as he gets ready for a new chapter in his life.

“We’ll have a never-ending buffet, and drink as much as you can,” he said of the blowout.

What’s next for the Tikki?

Bruemmer said he currently has a potential buyer lined up, but he wouldn’t reveal exactly who it was until the sale fully goes through. He did say, “It’s a fairly local restaurateur that’s looking at it.”

“As far as I know, it’s going to stay pretty much the same for the near future,” he elaborated. “What their long-term plans are, I don’t know.”

In addition to the bar and Polynesian-inspired restaurant, the approximately three-acre property Bruemmer hopes to sell boasts a three family house, an art studio and the West Bank Marina and Yacht Club.

“Originally I thought I would just sell the bar and keep the property and the marina,” he said. “But at this point, I just turned 65, I’m done. I want to go someplace South and warm; I’m done with Long Island winters,” he continued. “I want to do something less stressful, less demanding.”

Fifteen years of summertime celebration

Bruemmer, who bought the three-acre property along the Patchogue River 20 years ago, opened Off Key Tikki in 2008 at 31 Baker Place.

He looks back on not only his tenure along the river, but Patchogue’s revitalization, with pride.

“It’s been a wild ride, there’s been some tough times, there’s been some great times,” he said. “I accomplished a lot here, I feel like it’s kind of like an institution to some extent. It’s been cool to be a part of the revitalization of the river and of Patchogue.”

He started saying his final farewells yesterday.

“Last night was our first night of saying goodbye,” Bruemmer said. “It was really cool — a lot of old friends, long-term customers came down; it was touching, very, very nice.”

With people having to work Monday morning and the inclement weather expected tonight, Bruemmer does not expect the large crowd he greeted last night. Regardless, he expects a great time — and a heartfelt goodbye.

“I assume it will be a little quieter than yesterday, probably a little more intimate,” he said “I know there’s a bunch of other friends and customers I haven’t seen in a while that are coming down tonight. I probably won’t end the night without a tear in my eye.”

“I’m probably going to sing ‘My Way,’ that’s the swan song,” Bruemmer continued. “And like I did last night, just thank everybody for supporting us over the years and hope we entertained and brought a little pleasure to a lot of people over the years.”

Below is the full details on the final goodbye party:

Top: Friends enjoying live music by the fire at Off Key Tikki during the Patchogue River’s Alive on the River 2022 event.