Painters’ longtime chef and his daughters opening Tiesto’s in Patchogue


Blue Goose is days away from permanently shutting its doors, but a new Latin American restaurant is on the horizon.

Owner Brian Kearns is passing the torch to the Marin family, which will debut Tiesto’s this fall.

“It’s the American dream,” said chef Luis Marin, who will be running the restaurant with his two daughters, Ivonne Castro and Jessica Marin.

Between all three, the family shares decades of experience in the restaurant industry — and they have firm roots in the Greater Patchogue area.

Hailing from Ecuador and now living in Medford with his family, Luis moved to the United States some 30 years ago and began a cooking journey that took him to Painters in Brookhaven over two decades ago.

Castro and Johanna both worked at Gallo Restaurant in Patchogue Village for over 10 years, while their dad was the chef at Painters from the very beginning, almost 22 years ago.

Prior to Gallo, Castro studied sociology and then worked in various other restaurants, moving up the ranks from busser, to hostess, to server.

“We used to work with my father in the kitchen doing the salad prep, so we’ve both been in the restaurant business,” she said. “I always said I’d retire working in a restaurant, because that’s all I know.”

Now, after many years of hard work and some saving, the Marins can all add “owner” to their resumes.

Castro and Johanna will handle the front of the house while Luis mans the kitchen.

Tiesto’s translates to “flower pot,” but it also describes the ceramic plate in which their food will be cooked and served.

Luis will whip up a variety of dishes from Ecuadorian, Mexican, Spanish and American influences, he says. This will include paella, shrimp ceviche, thin pizza, burgers, chimichangas, quesadillas, and more, including gluten-free and other options for those with dietary restrictions. Freshly made, craft cocktails will be on the drink menu.

Tiesto’s will be open seven days, the family expects, for brunch, lunch, dinner and drink specials.

“This is our dream also, but we wouldn’t have been able to do this without my dad, we’re lucky we have him,” Jessica said. “People say, ‘Oh my god you’re dad is leaving; I’ll go where he goes.’ They are all just really excited for us.”

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Top: The Marin family (from left to right) Ivonne Castro, Luis Marin and Johanna Marin.