Phone scam alert: Fake Suffolk cops demand money


Heads up.

If you get a call from a “cop” demanding money, hang up fast. Because you’ve likely been targeted in a scam to get your money.

Suffolk County Police issued a warning today about a con in which callers claim to be from a law enforcement agency and threaten arrest if money isn’t sent.

Detectives know of at least two incidents during which a resident has been contacted by phone by a caller identifying themselves as the “Suffolk County Police Chief of Police who says the resident either has an outstanding warrant or is in danger of having a warrant issued and payment of a fee was needed to avoid arrest,” police said.

Each victim sent more than $1,000, using payment apps and money wiring services. The victims reported that the scammers called from what appeared to be legitimate police department phone numbers.

Cops said scammers often use spoofing apps and other technology to falsely represent the numbers they are calling from. Police will never demand money in lieu of arrest or other consequence, Suffolk Police said.

Individuals who believe they have been the victim of this or any other scam should contact police, authorities said.

Top photo: Photo by Karolina Grabowska

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